Enterprise Grade Content Service Application built using Office 365 and Azure To Deliver Digital Transformation

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Bye Bye ECM, Welcome Content Services

ECM is now dead (kaput, finite, an ex-market name), at least in how Gartner defines the market. It’s been replaced by the term Content Services, a strategic concent that covers three aspects, namely Content Services, Applications, Platforms, and Components

Content Services is a set of services and microservices, embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications that share common APIs and repositories, and service multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization

– Gartner

Content Service Platform

  • Capture and ingest content in digital form
  • Ability to process digital content
  • More effective findability
  • Centralized administration of services and management tools
  • Ability to create analytics
  • Workflow creation
  • Team Collaboration

Content Service Applications

  • Governance
  • Simplified Workflow definitions
  • Pre-defined taxonomy templates
  • Packaged analytics

Content Service Components

  • eSignature
  • Auto-classification
  • BOT
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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What is CDR 365?

CDR 365 is a Content Service Application built using Office 365 and Azure to deliver digital transformation via its advanced capabilities by leveraging the Office 365 platform.  It fills a need in organizations that have been using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for decades and are still not satisfied with the features, ease of use, and price.  It also provided organizations with a cloud based content service application using the widely popular Office 365 Content Service platform.

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CDR 365 Application Architecture

CDR 365 is built as a Cloud application from the ground up and leverages the Microsoft Cloud and its services.

CDR 365 Application Architecture

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Benefits of CDR 365

CDR 365 Better Regulatory Compliance

Better Regulatory Compliance and
Risk Management

Use the Security and Compliance features of Office 365 to meet global regulatory needs
CDR 365 Enhanced Findability

Retention and Dissemination of
Business Knowledge

Find information easily using Taxonomy and advanced search and improve productivity
CDR 365 Improved Customer Service

Improved Cost and Process Efficiency

Get better ROI using your existing investments in Office 365 and Azure
CDR 365 Better Internal and External Collaboration

Collaborate and Innovate with External and Internal Partners

Innovate by securely collaborating with your internal and external business partners
Download Datasheet

Download CDR 365 Datasheet